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बीमारी का बगैर दवाई भी ईलाज है मगर मौत का कोई ईलाज नहीं दुनियावी हिसाब किताब है कोई दावा-ए खुदाई नहीं ।

Goodbyebadluck is complete solution which offers Astrology and Vastu services. Our clients have experienced that their bad luck was permanently eliminated from their lives by using our services. Author of this website is Mr. Arvind Gupta who is a famous Astrology and Vastu Consultant in India as well as other parts of globe. His client base extends not only in India but also in USA, Canada, NZ and UK. Mr. Gupta has deep knowledge of Astrology and Vastu (Science of structure). Both Astrology and Vastu are part of ancient Vedas and are complementary to each other. He has also written E-Book on Vastu where one can learn and apply Vastu alerts while purchasing or building any kind of structure.

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Gold Vastu

It is a science of structures which relates to balancing 5 basic elements of nature viz. Earth, Fire, Water, Air and Sky in the architecture which will spread positive cosmic energy. When the buildings like home, office, factory etc. are constructed with perfect blend of these 5 elements it will bring prosperity in term of heath and wealth for the persons staying in these buildings.

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Vastu E-Book

We have articulated 25 years of enriched experience of science of structure in our E-Book. You can purchase our E-book in order to learn Vastu. Our E-book is full of case studies which you can apply to your own building or buildings of your relatives/neighbors and experience the power of structural science. Vastu normally takes 8-10 years for having its full impact on the people staying in the building.

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Stars in a horoscope of the individual are based on time and place of birth of the individual. Fate of the individual depends on the placement of these stars. These stars also change their position on birth date of each year and impact the performance of the individual in that year. Give us chance to predict your future and improve it with our simple remedies.

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Match Making

Marriage holds a significant value in every individual’s life. Each companion has a lot of expectations from the other. In the starting years of marriage, every experience may feel like dream come true but gradually marriage starts facing different kinds of problem. Marriage is not only merger of two souls but also merger of horoscope stars of both individual which gets intermingled in a auspicious bond. This leads to change in the fate of both the individuals that may result into one or the other problems.

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