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Vastu is a profound science of structures. It is derived from the Sanskrit language which was in vogue thousands of years ago. The word Vastu means 'dwelling'. In the modern context it covers all buildings irrespective of their use like residences, industries, hospitals, business establishments, lodges, hotels etc.

Vastu is a part of Vedas which is believed to be four to five thousand years old. It relates to balancing 5 basic elements of nature viz. Earth, Fire, Water, Air and Sky in the architecture which will spread positive cosmic energy.

  •   Earth
  •   Fire
  •   Water
  •   Air
  •   Sky

Earth + Fire + Water + Air + Sky = Positive energy



Fire is the representative of Sun, which gives us energy, light and life. A child suffering from jaundice can be cured gradually by exposing him to the rays of the rising Sun. Similarly when Sun rays fall on the leaves of trees it enables them to prepare their food from water, which they take from the earth and in turn give us oxygen. Moreover the potential of Solar Energy is not a hidden secret any more. Without the fire element our life is impossible.


Earth represents stability. Every thing stable around us is only because of the stability provided by the earth.


We all know life without water is impossible. It is an essential element in our life.


Breathing without air is impossible and hence our life. It is also a carrier of oxygen from plants to our body.



The emptiness around us is the sky element. It is very essential for the absorption of sound e.g. if we play stereo system loudly in a closed room, sound will tend to come out by breaking the windowpanes. Even revolution of planets wouldn't have been possible without space, what about the roaming of clouds and falling of rain, medium for air to flow. All that is possible only because of sky. Sky is symbolic of sound. Without sky we cannot imagine the value of voice.

As we have seen that these 5 elements are very essential for the life on earth and our house is our own little universe. Animals, birds and plants adhere completely to nature and that is why their lives are better than we people. They don't have any tensions; nervous breakdown sort of things that we humans tend to which in it is an evidence regarding strength of following a proper mix of elements of the nature. We human beings raise structures of our houses, which obstruct the Sunrays, Air into our houses there by inviting problems for our health, happiness, prosperity and relations among our family. If we pay due attention to the balance of these five elements in selecting a plot on which the house is to be built we can attain happiness, health, wealth, steady progress, longevity of life both for ourself as well our family members.

During my research I have come across certain cases where a particular person while residing in a proper house has earned money and has lead a prosperous life.

When the same person constructed a new house without paying any heed to the basic elements of nature the downfall started leading to a decline in business, quarrels in the family and other mishappening. Here the person was the same, his intelligence was the same, his experience might have been more because of passage of time so beyond doubt the structure of the house made all the difference.