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LAL KITAB Specialised Remedies For Solutions Of Problems For Peace And Stability Of Life.

Astrology, in its broadest sense, is the search for meaning in the sky.

Human is born on that day and that moment when his individual fate is in perfect mathematical harmony with the progress of the planets in heaven. Based on how the planets are placed in ones horoscope at the time of birth, determines the good and bad effects of one's life and the time of their effect. In every horoscope some planets are well placed and some are badly placed. Hence, we go through success and failures, happiness and sorrows in various aspects of life in different time slots in varying degrees. Vedic astrology predicts significant events in the individual lives based on the placement of nine planets in twelve houses of the birth chart. These planets change position after each birthday of the individual and according impacts individuals life.

Vedic astrology has announced unique remedial measures to solve chronic and critical human problems in day to day life. These measures do not require the practice of ordeals, yagnas, havans and other complicated and expensive rituals, which prove more troublesome for persons who are already in trouble because of the evil effects of certain planets.

Astrology tries to reduce bad impact of planet which are not correctly placed and improve the benefit from those which are correctly placed. Our remedies are very powerful and agile, pertaining to modern times when people are occupied with various problems and they lack time. If you don't believe the power, please give us opportunity to do predictions of your past and future based on which you will be aware of the power of astrology.

Detailed Horoscope Consultation - Rs. 2100/- per horoscope (Maximum 5 Questions)
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